Pedro AMOS

Pedro, better known as AMOS, is a Miami native who began his graffiti adventures in 1994. AMOS has evolved into a career artist, flirting with traditional graffiti & abstract expressionism. AMOS applied elements of his graffiti techniques & added a pop-fauvist color palette to create his signature style. 

AMOS’ passion for creating his art has shown him around the world. He’s shared his artistic perspective in Taipei, Medellin, Montreal, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki…

Pedro AMOS Galeria, located in Little River, exclusively showcases AMOS’ diverse art works. The Galeria hosts a motley crew of events dedicated to all things creative. 

Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide, established by AMOS in 2016, is the ONLY artist owned and operated tour company in Wynwood. MBGG prides itself in communicating the authentic voice of the artists and the significance of public art.