Me, Me, Me – PMYW

"ME, ME, ME"

“ME, ME, ME”

47 x 36 inches mixed media on canvas2021 

There is one (1) subject being depicted by three (3) silhouettes. “ME, ME, ME” highlights a miopic point of view; a short-sided opinion that is void of any reason or research. People who suffer from this disease are all alone in their thoughts. Symptoms of “ME, ME, ME” include, selfishness, unempathetic-ness, and a disrespectful nature. This condition has been known to be treated successfully by gut-wrenching pain and tribulation. Opening yourself up to new ideas and culture will enhance your awareness of the world. Don’t confuse an open-mindedness for vulnerability, you’ll miss out on too many delicious moments in life.

Price: $5,800